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[Archive] Contributed Papers: Author Area

Direct Links

PaperPlaza- Overview and submission instructions
- Preparing and submitting your paper/video
- Inquiry about publications

Important Dates:

Submission of contributions: September 15, 2008
(23:59:59 US Pacific Time)
Notification of acceptance: January 7, 2009
All final contributions due: February 8, 2009

Overview and submission instructions:

Prospective authors must submit their papers electronically in PDF format no later than 23:59:59 (US Pacific Time) on September 15, 2008. Manuscripts must be in English. Six pages in the standard ICRA format (see instructions below) are allowed for each paper, including figures. A maximum of two additional pages are permitted at an extra charge payable at the time of submitting the final, camera ready version of the paper.

Before submission, the PDF file of your final paper should be checked for IEEE Xplore compliance. General information on how to create IEEE Xplore compatible PDFs is available on the information page for using IEEE PDF eXpress.

Paper submission is via the PaperPlaza system. We strongly recommend that you follow the following step-by-step instructions when preparing your paper and video attachment (if applicable to your paper).

Preparing and submitting your paper/video:

Step 1: Write your paper using the available LaTeX or MS Word templates. Please do not change the formatting in any way. If you choose not to use these templates, please make sure that your paper strictly adheres to these formatting instructions. Note, however, that we strongly encourage you to use the available templates. Your paper should be entirely self-contained. If it is accompanied by a video, an explicit reference to the accompanying video should be present in the text of the paper.
Note: Papers should include authors' names and affiliations, i.e., the review process is not double-blind.
Step 2: Double check that the names of all authors and their order is identical in the PaperPlaza submission system, the paper and the accompanying video (if applicable). Please write names with only the first letter capitalized, i.e., do use "Firstname Lastname" in all instances and do not use "FIRSTNAME LASTNAME" anywhere.
Step 3: Create a PDF version of your paper adhering to these instructions. These tips may be helpful. Alternatively you may proceed directly to the next step and have IEEE PDF eXpress create your PDF file for you.
Step 4: Login to IEEE PDF eXpress (conference ID: icra09x) and create the PDF file for your paper if you did not create a PDF file yourself in Step 2. If you have already created a PDF file for your paper, login to IEEE PDF eXpress (conference ID: icra09x) and use it to check if your PDF file is IEEE PDF compliant.

Step 5: (Applicable only to those papers which have an accompanying video)

Authors of papers originally accompanied by a short video (1-2 minutes) that has been jointly accepted with the paper should include the video (max 5 MB) in the final submission material.

Videos should not use special codecs (coders/decoders) in order to provide as much portability across platforms as possible. We strongly recommend the most common media formats (mpeg 1 or mpeg 4). Only freely available players (e.g., QuickTime, RealPlayer, Microsoft Windows Media Player, MPlayer) should be required for viewing the video. Providing video portability is a responsibility of the authors, also in their interest.

Although the paper has to be self-contained (i.e., fully readable and understandable independently from the video), an explicit reference to the accompanying video should be present in the text of the paper.


*If you submit a video accompanying your paper, you will also be able to submit the final video (max 5 MB) as part of the final submission material.

PaperPlazaStep 6: Submitting your initial submission via PaperPlaza.

Submit the IEEE Compliant PDF file of your paper via the PaperPlaza web page. Note that the PDF file must not exceed 2MB. If applicable, submit the short video clip not exceeding 5MB. Again, note that these accompanying video clips are distinct from the separate track for video submissions.

Inquiry about publications

If you have questions regarding the final contribution preparation and submission process please contact the ICRA2009 Program Chairs.


Program Chair

Katsushi Ikeuchi (University of Tokyo)


Program Co-Chairs

Kevin Lynch (Northwestern University)
Raja Chatila (LAAS-CNRS)
Shigeki Sugano (Waseda University)